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Realtor FAQ's

What is wholesaling?

As wholesalers, we purchase properties directly from sellers and market those properties to our buyers list requesting cash (or, in some cases, hard money) offers.  In wholesaling, your client is referred to as our end buyer.  When an offer is accepted, we electronically send our assignment contract to you (and/or your client) in order to assign the original purchase agreement to the end buyer.   

What is an assignment contract?

An assignment contract is a one page agreement stating that we are assigning our original purchase agreement with the seller to the end buyer. 

What funding is accepted?

We accept cash or hard money.  In some circumstances (such as needing to close the property quickly) we can only accept cash offers due to the longer turn around time for hard money loans.

Are you representing the seller?

We do not "represent" the seller in the same way that you represent the buyer.  When we market available deals, we already have a purchase agreement in place and own the rights to that property. 

How does the showing process work?

Available access varies from property to property.  Some properties will have lockboxes for open viewing, some (specifically tenant occupied properties) will have a scheduled group walkthrough, and some will be curb offers only – allowing no interior access to the property prior to closing.  Access method will be noted in the marketing sent out for that specific property.

Do you cover realtor fees?

Realtor or referral fees will be added on top of the stated purchase price unless otherwise noted. 

How do I submit an offer for my client?

Submitting an offer is easy: Simply email 614.769.7609 with the property address, offer amount, referral fee, type of financing, and how quickly your client is able to close.  We will respond to confirm receipt and keep you updated on the property status moving forward.

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